Golan – Concept Discovery Of The Week!

How did that happen? Sorry folks, who are strictly into classical music, but I can’t help it. I just stumbled over these musicians and it simply snapped.

Now before you wonder what happened, have a look at it. Isn’t it so refreshing to actually see how the music evolve you are listening to? Especially in a concert. People attend concerts to watch and see. Otherwise they would just listen to the music at home. But with the rise of electronic music, live acts have been reduced to one human being playing a laptop. The ultimate dehumanization of music.

Golan brings classic instruments back on stage of electronic music. And lot’s of them! A massive drum-set, a whole bunch of percussion instruments, trumpet, keyboard, flute, strings and they are quite able to sing as well. Their sound can be best described as dreamy, melodic and rhythmical at the same time with influences of jazz, Cuban music and classic. Four highly talented Romanian musician, who will make you dance your shoes off.

Impressive how fast the band made success. Golan only started off in 2013, winning ‘Best Electro Award’ from Romania’s most important music magazine, Sunete in 2014, giving their international debut in 2015, currently playing as supporting act for Parov Stelar and loads of upcoming shows all over Europe. If you have a chance, go and watch them perform.

For tour dates and more have a look here


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