The c/o chamber orchestra, a group of young musicians from different countries, meets these days to perform three concerts in Berlin. They are joined by the famous German cellist Alban Gerhardt and his wife Gergana Gergova (violin) in Brahm‘s rarely played concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra. They perform Benjamin Britten‘s opus 1, the Sinfonietta, which he composed with 18 years, and Beethoven’s seventh symphony.

From watching the first orchestral rehearsal I got the best impressions: It is amazing and a miracle how about 40 musicians form a formidable ensemble, which creates it’s identity more or less new every year. The players have studied their part but up to now they did not play together with their colleagues. Admirable enthusiasm and enagement! And it works without a conductor – that’s another miracle. Now it’s our part to visit their performances: two orchestral concerts in Berlin (Sunday, July 9, 11 hrs. St. Elisabeth Church, and Monday, July 10, 19 hrs. Heilige Familie Church) and a kind of serenade concert in Potsdam (Saturday, July 8, 18 hrs, Villa Schöningen).
For more information check out their website:


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